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Arizona’s Leading Producer of Industrial Silica Sand

Our subangular industrial sand is over 95% SiO2 (silicon dioxide).

We wash, dry, and screen our products to meet your specifications.  With over 50 years of proven reserves and production capacity in excess of 1 million tons per year, Silica Services economically supplies its industrial sand in bags or bulk to Phoenix, Tucson, Albuquerque, and everywhere in between.

Our silica sand is used in a variety of industrial, manufacturing, and construction applications including:

Our unique location in Sanders, Arizona features convenient truck access off I-40 and can also ship by rail on the BNSF in both manifest and unit train.

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N61 Certified Filter Sand

Our N61 Certified Filter Sand is a high-quality filtration media designed for use in water treatment applications. This specialized sand meets stringent industry standards to ensure optimal performance in filtering out impurities, sediments, and particulate matter from water. The sand particles are carefully graded and washed to maintain consistent size and cleanliness, providing efficient and reliable filtration.

N61 Certified Filter Sand is commonly used in various water filtration systems, including swimming pools, drinking water facilities, and industrial water treatment plants. Its durability and effectiveness in trapping contaminants make it a preferred choice for maintaining clean and safe water.

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Rounded Silica Sand Products for Industrial and Construction Applications in the Southwestern United States

Our industrial silica sand mine in Northern Arizona has the lowest cost of truck delivery to Phoenix, Tucson, and Albuquerque.

We also ship by rail on the BNSF railroad and have advantaged logistics costs into Denver, Salt Lake City, and Southern California.

Purchasing your industrial sand from Silica Services can dramatically reduce your costs compared to sourcing from other industrial silica mines.

Less distance, less time, less cost.

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Fine Aggregate For Construction: Ready Mix Cement, Hot Mix Asphalt, and Bedding

We offer fine aggregate with a high durability index and a high sand equivalent.

This rounded industrial sand is washed, sized, and air-dried.

Ideal for use in making ASTM C33 specification fine aggregate for ready mix and for use in making hot mix asphalt.



For the Oil and Gas Industry: Frac Sand With A Unique Logistics Advantage

Lower the Shipping Costs of your Proppant

We are partnered with the BNSF — the leader in Class 1 rail shipments to all western markets.

Our expanded rail load-out facility can support both unit train and manifest shipments to ensure any sized order is processed efficiently and on time.

For the Oil and Gas Industry: Frac Sand With A Unique Logistics Advantage

Faster Transit Times for the Oil and Gas Industry

Unlike other Tier 1 proppant suppliers, Silica Services is advantageously located in Arizona.

Our products service the DJ Basin with 30% fewer rail shipping miles compared to other Tier 1 mines.

For the Oil and Gas Industry: Frac Sand With A Unique Logistics Advantage

Maximized Logistics Fleet Efficiency

Shorter shipping distances result in faster transit times, meaning you can move more product with fewer trucks and fewer rail cars.

For the Oil and Gas Industry: Frac Sand With A Unique Logistics Advantage

Direct Connection to BNSF

Single-line shipping maximizes efficiency and minimizes risk. Silica Services’ direct connection to the BNSF Railway enables you to get your product from origin to destination without the hassle and cost of an interchange.

Reliable. Economical. Practical.

The Low Cost Silica Sand Supplier to Industries in the Southwestern United States

With 1 million tons per year of industrial silica sand production capacity centrally located to service the southwest, Silica Services is ideally suited to deliver the lowest total cost for your requirements. Contact us for details and pricing.